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Red Oak Aged Wines

Red oak wines

Delicious Dry and Semi-Dry Red Oak Aged Wines

Find the perfect match for every meal at West Hanover Winery Inc.
Chambourcin Dry Red
French-American hybrid is a rich dark red grape that produces a dry red wine that tastes of olives up front and cinnamon on the finish. High in acid and a little harsh, not blended.

Cabernet Franc Dry Red
A medium sized red grape that is produced into a dry, oak aged wine. It tastes of pepper in the front of your mouth and a little of pepper and cinnamon in the back of the mouth.

Baco Noir Dry Red
A grape that is the size of a pea and almost black in color. It produces a wine that is Semi-Sweet and Dry Oak Aged with a fresh tobacco taste up front of your mouth and black olives in the back of your mouth. This wine goes well with a sweet cigar.

Sangiovese Dry Red
A grape that is medium to large and is very dark skinned and used to produce Chianti blended with three different types of grapes in the Chianti area of Italy usually put into an Oak Barrel for up to one year. Goes well with a steak on the grill.

Merlot Dry Red
Medium to large red grapes that produce a rich and soft or high in tanning’s red wine. Goes well with a steak or roast.

Cabernet Sauvignon Dry Red
A medium red grape that can be finished as a naked or an oak aged red wine. It is blended with several types of red or white grapes. Goes well with a steak or roast done on the grill.

Concord Red Dry
A very large red North American grape that can be used for juice, jellies, jam or produced into a Semi-Sweet or Dry Red Wine, that can be drunk just by itself or if you would like with a meal.

Pinot Noir Semi-Dry Red
A medium-sized grape that can be processed into a Sweet, Semi-Sweet, Semi Dry, and Dry wine. Very soft as it is Semi-Dry it tastes a little bitter. Goes well with a steak or roast.

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