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White Wines

White Wine

Delightful Dry to Semi-Dry White Wines

You will discover something new with every visit to West Hanover Winery Inc.
Chardonnay Dry
This wine has a taste of butterscotch, almonds, and caramel. Goes well served with lobster and sea scallops.

Sauvignon Blanc Dry
This wine is very grassy and earthy. Great served with sharp Cheddar cheese, smoked salmon, shrimp, and noodles with hollandaise sauce.

Cayuga Dry, Cayuga Semi-Dry, and Cayuga Semi-Sweet
These wines are a little musty but go well with salmon, catfish, cheeses, and all types of crackers.

Pinot Grigio Semi-Dry
A very smooth and silky wine that goes well with smoked chicken and turkey.

Pinot Grigio Dry
A very smooth wine with an anisette and licorice taste, almost like a sherry or sweet liqueur.

Riesling Semi-Dry and Semi-Sweet
A very soft, light, and traditionally styled wine. It goes very well with sweet cheeses.

White Merlot Semi-Dry
The grape is pressed immediately after separation from the stems. This makes a red grape into a white wine. The skins are not left in the must. A very smooth wine that goes well with a steak done on the grill.

Vidal Blanc Semi-Dry
A very light wine that goes well with strips of chicken wrapped in bacon. Best served chilled to bring out a citrus flavor.

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