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Red Wines

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Stupendous Semi-Sweet Red Wines

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King of the North Semi Sweet
A North American variety of grape plant that is the first cousin to the Concord grape plant. Taste is a little richer and fuller body when produced into a wine. The Oak Aged King of the North will go well with steaks, different cheeses, sweet or sharp or just to be drunk by itself.

Snow Bear Sweet
A blend of all ten red wines that are produced at the winery, Sweet, Semi-Sweet, Dry Oak Aged, very complex. The wine taste is sweet in the front of the mouth and dry when you swallow. Will go well before, during, and after a meal.

A North American Variety of the grape plant which is dark black and produces a wine that is very pleasing to drink by itself or can be drunk with any type of meal (red meat, fish, chicken, pork or with starch foods).

Pinot Noir
Pinot Noir makes some of the world’s greatest wines-medium-bodied reds with perfumed aromas that can also evolve with age. It is, however, a fickle grape that demands a cool climate, low yields, and great care in the vineyard. Its spiritual home is Burgundy, but it is also successfully grown in Oregon and New Zealand.

Italy’s most widely planted variety produces medium to full-bodied reds with lively acidity and sour cherry, plum and dried herb flavors.

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