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White & Pink Wines

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Superb Semi-Sweet White and Pink Wines

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Aurore Semi-Sweet
A very soft white wine that tastes very close to a White Zin. This wine goes well with white meat and fish.

Steuben Semi-Sweet
North American grape varietal, a dark pink grape, when produced into a pink wine will go well with any food group.

Catawba Semi-Sweet
North American grape varietal, pink in color with a spicy taste up front, but when swallowed tastes like a grapefruit.

Niagara Semi-Sweet
A North American varietal grape that grows well in cold climates. This wine tastes like a Southern Muscadine or Scuppernong.

Majestic Eagle
A blend of 10 different white wines. Very complex and smooth, a bit on the sweet side, a great after-dinner wine.

Buck Wheat and Clover Mead Wine
Produced from honey, very sweet and smooth. Good after dinner or with chocolate cherry cordial ice cream.

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