Locations in Harrisburg and Pottstown, PA
Harrisburg 717-652-3711     Pottstown 610-469-9540

Winery and Vineyard

Harrisburg's Most Exquisite Winery and Vineyard

Enjoy award-winning wines, summer concerts, and wine tasting tours by visiting our West Hanover Winery Inc. You will find us in Harrisburg and Pottstown. With 22 years in business and 45 years of experience, we take great pride in our smooth and silky wines. Our special events and superior customer care are what sets us apart. Contact us today to find out more.

Taste a Piece of Heaven

You have never tried anything like our wines before.
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Enjoy Outdoor Events

Winery events
Try something fun and exciting at our outdoor winery events.
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Give Wine Tasting a Try

Spend the day tasting our finest wines when you visit our vineyard.
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